Online TNi Water Analyzer

VDet-500Tni Colorimetric Heavy Metal Water Quality Online Analyzer Product Description VEDet-500TNi colorimetric heavy water quality on-line analyzer based on “GB 11910-89” total nickel water quality measurement of the national standard method. The nickel-containing compounds in the water sample were decomposed into nickel ions by using the persulfate salt under high-temperature […]

Online Phosphours Water Analyzer

VDet-500Mn Permanganate Index Water Quality Analyzer Product Description Under neutral conditions, the sample is digested by potassium phosphorus converting all of phosphorus into orthophosphate. Then under acidic conditions, orthophosphate reacts with molybdate and oxygen antimony potassiumtatrate,generating phosphomolybdic acid that is reduced by colorimetric method gets total phosphorus content ultimately. Product […]

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