VEDet-500- Automatic Ammonia-Nitrogen Water Quality Analyzer

Product Description

VEDet-500-automatic ammonia-nitrogen water quality analyzer (Nessler reagent colorimetric method), currently offers two options, one for the direct injection, colorimetric measurement program, that is, direct method for sewage treatment plant exports and other water quality Stable and clean. The NH3 is removed from the sewage by NH3, and the absorption of NH3 can be absorbed and measured by colorimetric method. It is suitable for the entrance of the treatment plant and the color water. Can be widely used in water pollution monitoring / industrial production process water / industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and other fields.
VEDet-500 Automatic Ammonia-Nitrogen Water Quality Online Analyzer (Salicylic Acid Method) Based on “HJ 536-2009” and “BS EN ISO 11732: 2005” salicylic acid spectrophotometric method. In alkaline media, the ammonia in water samples is oxidized to chloramines by hypochlorite, which reacts with salicylates under the action of a catalyst to produce compounds with characteristic absorption at 697 nm. The absorbance of the compound was measured to calculate the ammonia nitrogen content of the water sample.
VEDet-500-automatic ammonia-nitrogen water quality analyzer (salicylic acid method) can be widely used in surface water environment, industrial advanced treatment of water samples of ammonia nitrogen monitoring.

Online Cr Water Analyzer

Product Features

1. The new measurement system Optical quantitative sample / reagent, in essence, improve the quantitative accuracy; photoelectric non-contact measurement, measurement accuracy, high reliability and high operation. French OEM valve valve, the maximum possible dead volume to reduce the impact of quantitative accuracy.
2. calibration cleaning functionInstrument range has three options, the instrument can be automatically based on the concentration of water samples ammonia nitrogen range, making the measurement more accurate; Instrument can automatically clean the pipe, flow, without user intervention, to avoid measurement error.
3. The perfect system self-maintenance functionThe instrument in the event of failure, with self-inspection and maintenance functions to ensure personal safety and equipment safety;When a liquid leak occurs, the device comes with a humidity sensor will alarm and automatically lock. All the fault information is recorded at the HMI display terminal, the user can query, the operating conditions of the device well known.
4. Remote upgrade functionThe remote upgrade function of the instrument can be achieved through the ETHERNET port, GPRS port to achieve the remote maintenance and monitoring equipment.
5. software upgradesThe instrument has the perfect networking function, can realize and ETHERNET and so on WAN interconnection.
6. large-screen touch-screen display terminal The instrument uses a 640 * 480 with TFT touch screen display, display information richer, more simple operation.
7. a strong external interface functions The interface of the instrument is abundant, various interfaces (such as ETHERNET / 4-20mA input, output / RS485 / switch quantity input, output, etc.) Are available in the field;
The good scalability of the instrument makes it possible to increase the functionality of the device according to user requirements.
8. support the direct method and distillation of two means, user-friendly selection
9. Patented multi-channel annular injection dilution techniques to achieve large dilution ratio
10. The total amount of liquid to do a single <9ml, operation and maintenance costs low 11: peristaltic pump tubing for the pump tube US imports, in every hour to do a kind of cases, tubing can be used normally more than six months 12: Reagent using a special formula, long shelf life.

Technical Parameters

Nessler reagent colorimetry salicylic acid method
Range: 0.05-50mg / L (low), 0.5-300mg / L (high)
range: 0-0.5 / 2 / 10mg / L, other ranges adjustable
Zero drift: ± 2% FS / 7d detection limit: 0.05mg / L
Range drift: ± 2% FS / 7d range drift: ± 5%
Reproducibility: ± 3% FS
Repeatability: ± 5% FS
Linearity: 5% Accuracy: ≤ ± 3% FS User care: maintenance intervals> 6 months, each about 30min
Measurement interval: automatically adjust the measurement interval can also be triggered through the serial port
Measuring cycle: the minimum measurement period of 25 minutes
Measurement period: the minimum measurement period of 15 minutes.
Maintenance workload: 2 hours / month Maintenance workload: <2 hours / month. Reagent dosage: 250 sets of reagents can be measured with a single set of reagents: a single set of reagents can measure 250 samples. Working temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 45 ℃. Relay control: 4-way flexible configuration relay control: 4-way, flexible configuration Analog input: 1 channel 4-20mA input (expandable to 2 channels), analog input: 1 channel 4-20mA input (expandable to 2 channels) Compatible 0-5V input (optional) Compatible 0-5V input (optional) Analog output: 1 4-20mA output (can be extended to 2), analog output: 1 4-20mA output (can be extended to 2), Maximum load 500Ω Maximum load 500Ω Communication interface: RS485 / RS232 / USB interface (optional) Communication interface: RS485 / RS232 / USB interface (optional) Power consumption: 100W (220 ± 10% VAC 50Hz), regardless of the pump power consumption: 200W (220 ± 10% VAC 50Hz), regardless of the pump Self-test system to detect leaks of self; self-diagnostics instrument status Display: 640 * 480 touch color LCD display

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