CODve-500 CODcr Automatic Water Quality Online Analyzer

Product Description

CODve-500 CODcr automatic water quality online analyzer is a new type of automatic on-line analyzer for measuring chemical oxygen demand (COD) of sewage. The analyzer uses the latest photoelectric measurement, high temperature and high pressure digestion, digestion and color integration technology, with measurement accuracy, low detection limit, high reliability, strong adaptability and so on. It is in line with national ring Protection Agency released chromium standard test method to obtain a measurement certificate relevant state departments. Reagent used by the instrument can by relevant national standard quasi-self-preparation.
CODve-500 CODcr automatic water quality online analyzer can be widely used in water pollution detection / industrial production process water / industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and other fields.

Online CODcr Water Analyzer

Product Features

1, Reliable and stable digestion system
Using strong oxidants at 165 degrees under high temperature, high pressure on the digestion of the reaction solution, greatly improving the reaction rate;
Digestion system has a perfect protection,Can effectively prevent high temperature and pressure may occur under the leakage and so on;
According to the actual situation, you can adjust the digestion time, to ensure adequate response.
2, the new measurement system
Optical quantitative sample / reagent, in essence, improve the quantitative accuracy; photoelectric non-contact measurement, measurement accuracy, high reliability;
French OEM valve valve, the maximum possible dead volume to reduce the impact of quantitative accuracy.
3, calibration cleaning function
Instrument range has at least two steps optional, you can adjust the instrument according to the water sample COD range, making the measurement more accurate.
4, improve the system self-maintenance function
The instrument in the event of failure, with self-inspection and maintenance functions to ensure personal safety and equipment safety;
When the liquid leakage occurs, the device comes with the humidity sensor will alarm and automatically lock.
All the fault information is recorded at the HMI display terminal, the user can query, the operating conditions of the device well known.
5, remote upgrade function
The instrument has the remote upgrade function, and can realize the remote maintenance and monitoring of the device through ETHERNET port and GPRS port.
6, software upgrades
Instrument with perfect networking, and ETHERNET can be achieved and other interoperability of the WAN.
7, large-screen touch-screen display terminal
The instrument uses a 640 * 480 with TFT touch display terminal, display information richer, the operation is more simple.
8, a strong external interface functions
The interface of the instrument is rich in the outside, various interfaces used on the scene (such as ETHERNET / 4-20mA input, output / RS485 / switch quantity input, output, etc.
Instrument good scalability, making it possible according to user needs to increase the function of the device.
9, the total amount of liquid to do a single <9ml, operation and maintenance costs low 10, integrated digestion / colorimetric module (patented technology), high temperature (165 ℃), high-pressure closed digestion after the direct measurement, compact structure, complete digestion, high efficiency 11, the use of high-resolution industrial-grade color touch screen, easy to operate, rich in information 12, can be connected to flow meter and PH meter signal, the main interface real-time display of measured values 13, with multi-level administrative privileges to set the password and screen digital lock, to prevent misuse by others 14, can achieve remote control (including start / stop, measurement, calibration, cleaning and other functions)

Technical Parameters

Methods of measurement: Water quality – Determination of chemical oxygen demand – Rapid digestion spectrophotometric method
Measurement accuracy: ≥ 40mg / L ,
the measured value is less than 10% : <40mg / L, less than 5mg / L Range: 0 ~ 1000/5000, other ranges can be customized Digestion time: 3,5,20,30,40,60,80,100 or 120 minutes optional Measurement interval: continuous, 1,2,3 ... 24 hours, can also be triggered through the serial port Zero drift: ± 5mg / L Range drift: ± 10% Reagent Dosage: 250 samples can be measured with a single kit Analog input: 1 channel 4-20mA input (can be extended to 2) (can be compatible with 0-5V input) Analog output: 1 4-20mA output (can be extended to 2), the maximum load 500Ω) Relay output: 4-channel (analog input, relay output can be flexibly configured) Communication interface: RS485 / RS232 / USB interface (optional) Maintenance workload: <1 hour / month Working temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ Power consumption: 200W (220 ± 10% VAC 50Hz), regardless of the pump.

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