VEDet-500 CR TCR Water Quality Online Analyzer

Product Description

In the acidic medium, hexavalent chromium reacts with diphenylcarbazide to produce a purple-red compound in a chroma that is proportional to the hexavalent chromium content of the sample.
When the total chromium is measured, the sample is uniformly mixed with potassium persulfate and subjected to high-temperature and high-pressure digestion under sealed conditions, and the trivalent chromium in the sample is oxidized to hexavalent chromium;
And then measuring the absorbance of the reaction product by spectrophotometry, thereby obtaining the hexavalent chromium content and the total chromium content in the sample with the same;
VEDet-500CR / VEDet-500TCR online analyzer is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment plant in the hexavalent chromium (total chromium) monitoring, industrial production processes (electroplating, metallurgy, printing and dyeing industries) in the hexavalent chromium (total chromium) Monitoring and other occasions.

Online Cr/Tcr Water Analyzer

Product Features

High reliability, low maintenance
The key components are imported parts, high reliability, long life, suitable for long-term on-line monitoring;
Metering module using photoelectric measurement method, the detector is not in direct contact with the liquid, does not appear irresolute situation.
Flow through a special design, not easy to plug.
Mature technical means to ensure high accuracy
Photoelectric measurement using a special measurement algorithm, making the injection is accurate, small sample error.Unique bubble mixing technology to ensure that the continuous injection, the sample and reagent fully mixed. Automatic chroma, turbidity compensation algorithm, taking full account of the actual situation of water samples, the monitoring results are true and reliable.
Patented circular multi-channel dilution sampling technology to achieve a large range of ratio expansion.
A variety of practical functions, to provide user-friendly operation.
Automatic leakage alarm function, when a reagent leak, the instrument self-test alarm, prompting the user for maintenance.
Abnormal state of automatic processing, when the operation occurred during the abnormal power-down until the next restoration of power supply, the instrument will self-diagnosis of abnormal state, and restore the flow channel to wait for the state to do the sample.
Instrument operation is simple, full touch screen control panel and friendly software interface, providing a wealth of information tips, software, easy to understand With multi-level management authority to set the password and the screen digital lock, to prevent misuse of others.

Technical Parameters

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