VEDet-500THg Online Analysis of Cold Water Atomic Absorption Heavy Metal

Product Description

Based on “HJ 597-2011” national standard cold atomic absorption method, the mercury-containing compounds in the water samples are reduced to mercury element by stannous chloride, and the water samples , And the THg content in the water sample was calculated by measuring the selective absorption of mercury vapor in the mercury lamp.
Liquid mercury into the gas phase mercury process, most of the non-volatile substances in water and mercury separation. While the mercury lamp as a measuring light source, greatly reducing the water sample measurement process of interference, thereby improving the measurement accuracy.
MDet-5000 THg Cold Atomic Absorption Heavy Metals Water Quality On-line Analyzer is widely used for total mercury monitoring in industrial production processes (electroplating, pharmaceutical, chemical synthesis and other industries).

Product Features

High reliability, low maintenance
The key components are imported parts, high reliability, long life, suitable for long-term on-line monitoring;
Metering module using photoelectric measurement method, the detector is not in direct contact with the liquid, does not appear irresolute situation;
Flow through a special design, not easy to plug.
Mature technical means to ensure high accuracy
Photoelectric measurement using a special measurement algorithm, making the injection is accurate, small sample error;
Unique bubble mixing technology to ensure that the continuous injection, the sample and reagent fully mixed;
Unique gas-liquid separation technology, taking full account of the actual scene of water samples, to avoid the water color, turbidity and other interference;
Patented circular multi-channel dilution sampling technology to achieve a large range of ratio expansion;
From the mature national standard measurement methods, after a large number of application practice, to ensure the credibility of measurement.A variety of practical functions, to provide user-friendly operation
Automatic leakage alarm function, when a reagent leak, the instrument self-test alarm, prompting the user for maintenance;
Abnormal state of automatic processing, when the operation occurred during the abnormal power-down until the next restoration of power supply, the instrument will self-diagnosis of abnormal state, and restore the flow channel to wait for the state to do the sample;
Instrument operation is simple, full touch screen control panel and friendly software interface, providing a wealth of information tips, software, easy to understand;
With multi-level management authority to set the password and the screen digital lock, to prevent misuse of others.

Technical Parameters

Range: 0-0.2mg / L (can be expanded according to demand)
Uncertainty: ± 5%
Reproducibility: ± 5%
Measurement interval: 1 hour
Reagent dosage: about 250 / set, shelf life of 1 month
External interface:2 4 ~ 20mA output,
2 4 ~ 20mA input,
2-way relay input +2 way switch input,
RS232 / RS485 (built-in national standard protocol)

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